Game Play

Last updated: April 10, 2023

We at Dodgeball London use a modified WDBF ruleset catered to our leagues and venues.

For the general rules and  how-to-play please go to the World Dodgeball Federation Rules.

The following are the rules we have modified for our leagues and tournaments (rulesets to be changed for various tournaments all of which will be updated and supplied to all teams involved):

  1. Games consist of two 10-minute halves governed by a universal clock.
  2. No game can start with less than 30s remaining on the clock, either the first half or at the end of the game. If balls are set up with more than 30s left the point will be played. 
  3. If the point is in progress at the end of the first half, switch sides and continue the point in the second half with the balls split evenly. 
  4. No blocking in a 1v1 situation. 
  5. No blocking after the buzzer at the end of the second half if the game is within one point. During the regular season, play will be continuous with the buzzer. No blocking rules take effect once the buzzer sound ends. During playoffs, play will be stopped at the buzzer and balls will be split to continue the point on the ref’s call.
  6. There are no sidelines or backlines. Courts are netted so all balls on the court are live. If balls are outside of the court area they should be returned to the closest team. In the event that you are on a court without sideline netting, the court sideline will be hard. Please confer with your court ref if needed.
  7. By the ref’s discretion, if you are dodging outside of the backline netting you will be called out.
  8. Rock, paper, scissors, best 2 out of 3, will determine which side of the court you will start on. Winner chooses.
  9. No sweaters – if you are wearing a sweater, no body catches will count, you will remain on, but no out or teammate brought in.
  10. Gender requirements – league specific. We strongly encourage inclusivity & equity on the court and within the league. If on a coed team, a minimum of 2 of each gender must be on the court at all times. If this minimum is not met, the opposite gender cannot sub.